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Host a student or an employee
in exchange of
services or rent

The principles

  • Host a student for free or at moderate rent in exchange for services rendered
  • To have a reassuring presence at home, supporting families needs and looking after the children
  • Valuing solidarity and mutual assistance between generations in a spirit of exchange
  • Addressing the shortage of housing for students and young employees
  • To live a new experience based on social cohesion, trust and respect

A rewarding experience, innovative and adapted to the world of today
The Host

You live in couple, alone with or without children and you have a room that you can rent and put at disposal against services, then do not hesitate and live this new enriching experience !

Terms and Conditions
The student or employee

You are a student or employee over 18 years old or have a tutor, hold a student card, an apprentice, a trainee or a work permit, join us for this new experience

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The formulas

  • rent a room WITH NO RENT against services
    Free room for the student or young employee against services to be provided to the host
  • rent a room WITH MODERATE rent
    Moderate rent room for the student or young employee against a minimum of services rendered
  • rent a room WITH Standard rent
    Room with a standard rent for the student or young employee but without services to provide to the host
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  • Take the mail, take out the garbage
  • Small work of do-it-yourself or gardening
  • Some company
  • Cooking, sharing meals
  • Help for administrative papers
  • Child care, help for homework
  • Reassuring presence
  • Intergeneration sharing
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